Industry Leaders

At McSheffery Industries, we've earned a strong reputation as metal experts working hard every day to provide our customers with outstanding service.

Solutions Experts

We have built a strong reputation as out of the box solution provider from simple to complex fabrication and heavy machinery projects.
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Custom fabrication is our specialty. We have the expertise to build almost any size project from wide ranging types of alloys.
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Avoid operational downtime from your heavy machinery. We can install, maintain and refurbish your indispensable assets.
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You can trust our technical team to get an in-depth understanding of your projects and provide the optimal design solutions.
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Innovative Industrial

Design & Fabrication
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and Commercial

Custom railings. Stainless steel countertops.
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or Structural

Ironwork & Fabrication
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CNC Machine

Laser Cutting
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For over forty years, McSheffery Industries has been proudly serving customers from a wide range of industries.

Our History

McSheffery Industries was founded in 1968 by Doug and Harry McSheffery. These two hardworking brothers quickly earned a reputation for quality work and superior customer service.
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