Industrial Fabrication

We hold the highest standards to provide our clients with the best quality industrial fabrication services. Our professionals have invested years in perfecting their skills and they can create results to virtually any type of fabrication challenges that can be thrown at them. We have become experts at problem solving.

The dedicated team at McSheffery Industries will work with your engineers, from existing drawing or we can also provide design support to create the right solution to any type of custom requirement.

For over four decades, our shops have been delivering all levels of quality industrial fabrications from simply small to the very large complex projects. The proof of our capabilities and workmanship is reflected in our loyal client base that is continuously returning for our services.


At McSheffery Industries, we believe that fabrication is only as good as the design. For over four decades, our reputation has been built by providing the right design solutions to complex industrial fabrication challenges. That is why it’s in our corporate philosophy to always make sure to plan properly and have the right solution for custom industrial design challenges. Our dedicated professionals are constantly exploring new ideas and finding innovative ways to meet project objectives.

It’s no surprise that most customers who have called upon our services keep coming back to us for their design needs. We truly believe we have the highest level of loyal clients in the industry and that speaks loudly to our expertise.


Our professional certified welders have extensive experience for structural, industrial fabrication and millwright projects. We deliver comprehensive quality welding services where precision and reliability are critically essential.

At McSheffery Industries, we are fully certified 47.1 and 47.2 by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and our expert welders are continually perfecting their craft so that we can offer our clients the best service available in the region.

We provide expert welding services for stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.


McSheffery Industries has years of experience to make sure every parts come together perfectly. There is no room for “good enough”. Our experts have perfected their skill to bring every part to fit perfectly. We have the right industrial grade tools to machine and mill the material to your design specifications.

CNC Machine Laser Cutting

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Our History

McSheffery Industries was founded in 1968 by Doug and Harry McSheffery. These two hardworking brothers quickly earned a reputation for quality work and superior customer service.
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